Sunday, 27 July 2008

Now Playing 4.04 (beta)


This version is for people who have trouble with iTunes or Foobar not updating. I've changed a few things in the code that may or may not help, unfortunately as I can't reproduce this issue it's difficult to fix it. If you still have trouble, in the settings there's a new option "Enable failsafe". This option will refresh the gadget every 30 seconds and check if the track has changed manually.

Let me know how things go and report any problems in the comments below.

My T-Mobile gadget updated

I've just released a small update to the My-Tmobile gadget that shows you your remaining FlexT allowance. The update fixes the gadget after T-Mobile changed a few things on their website.


Friday, 18 July 2008

Server Ping Updates

I've just released an update to Server Ping (1.43) to fix the issue with some locales who were unable to enter IP addresses and could only ping server names/domains. Download the update to fix this issue.

Also, I quietly released an update to Server Ping Pro (1.8) a few days ago to add support for different thresholds for Green and Orange LEDs showing how long the server takes to respond to pings. To get the update simply re-download Server Ping Pro from the link in the email I sent you.

Server Ping Download

Server Ping Pro

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Now Playing + iTunes 7.7

I've been receiving reports lately from users saying they're having trouble getting the Now Playing gadget to recognise songs they're playing in the new iTunes. I've personally tested NP on my laptop (which has never had iTunes installed before) and it works fine. If anyone else has iTunes 7.7 working with Now Playing could you drop a comment to let me know.

If users are still having trouble I recommend repairing or uninstalling/re-installing your iTunes installation as this has fixed issues in the past when other iTunes updates appear to have broken compatibility with the gadget

Nvision SideShow Competition Reminder

Just a reminder that the Nvision SideShow competition ends tomorrow (July 18th). The four finalists will receive a trip to the US for the Nvision 2008 event and the winner will be picked there by judges and will receive a Dell XPS 420 computer with a SideShow screen built-in.

I've submitted my entry, Computer Status. It's a combined Sidebar and Sideshow gadget that displays information about things like your ram and processor usage and how much battery life you have remaining or what WiFi networks you're connected to. The SideShow part is very basic as I haven't made any SideShow gadgets before but the Sidebar part is complete. It doesn't require a SideShow device to work however, you can run it simply as a sidebar gadget as shown below. I may be doing some updates to this in the future so I'll be sure to keep you posted on the blog.


Gadget Download

Competition Homepage