Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Server Ping Pro

I've decided to release version 1.5 of Server Ping as a paid-for gadget as there is quite a lot of interest for a version that can support more than 5 servers. Below is a table of the features showing the difference between the two versions and a PayPal button. Once you click the PayPal button this will take you to a payment page, once you complete payment I'll email you the link to download the gadget.

The main difference between the two is the Pro version supports up to 50 servers and is scaleable and auto-resizes.

EDIT: Server ping pro now supports different thresholds for Green and Orange LEDs showing how long the server takes to respond to pings




Ping or traffic light display Tick Tick
Quick access to ping, traceroute and DNS Lookup tools Tick Tick
Support for IP's and domains Tick Tick
Adjustable timeout and refresh rate Tick Tick
Automatic persistent settings saving Tick Tick
Support for 5 servers Tick Tick
Support for 50 servers   Tick
Auto-resizing   Tick
Access to future updates   Tick
User definable green and orange ping thresholds   Tick
Audio alert when server fails   Tick




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Anonymous said...

THANKS!!!!!!!!! This is just what ive been wanting for ages! Works just right!

Anonymous said...


This is a very useful gadget. Does the pro version have alerts of some kind?


Law James said...


Yes, the pro version has a customizable audio alert so an alarm will sound if a server goes down. I need to put that on the feature list really.


Anonymous said...

Can pro version email out warnings of down'd servers? Or be made to if not?


Law James said...


I've had this asked a few times now, gadgets really aren't meant for stuff like that, and such there's no easy way to do it. If you want email alerts you're probably better off with a more dedicated piece of software, the gadget is meant to be more "at-a-glance".


Anonymous said...

I use server ping for a while now and i really like it. Great tool. Now i am a hobbyist and i run some virtual machines at home and i can use the pro version but is it really neccesary to pay 15 pounds for personal use?

Unknown said...

How about pop up window alerts with a timestamp or something so people can see when a server goes down and maybe how long or if there's a pattern. I'd pay for it if that feature was added.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for developing this gadget, one thing that I have noticed is that the Pro version seems to falsely report red more often then the free version for some reason, having a full 20 hosts being monitored, or just 3 will alert too many times seemingly, and the audio becomes a bother. Other then that - it's an excellent tool/gadget, thanks again!

Law James said...


In the settings you can set the thresholds so that the servers are less likely to appear down if they are just slow to respond. You can also turn off the sound in the settings if it annoys you.

I hope this helps, Law

Anonymous said...

Looks a good product, but a bit pricey to simply monitor pings on servers.

I'd pay the money if you could customise for ports (i.e. 80, 25, 443 etc) so you could tell if your service was iffy.
More often than not, a server will happily return pings, yet the service might have fallen over - with this app, you'd never know.

I'll keep an eye out in case you impliment this as it would be a handy thing to have!


Anonymous said...

Yes you can monitor individual server services.


cheers. i would love pro to be available for personel use free....

Anonymous said...

The post before has comments about monitor email etc. can this be done? eg. monitor the responsivness of an email address? or just the email function.

Anonymous said...

Hi Law, Fantastic little Gadget, I too need it for home use, can you make £10 for personal use, I'll buy it immediatley.

Law James said...


If I made it free/£10 for personal use, what would stop everyone clicking the personal use button?


Anonymous said...

I got your Server Ping (way back when I had vista....) I installed Win 7 (64) and Installed your Ping (old version) and I have 3 monitors.....

when I install it, it places itself on the RIGHT hand side of Monitor 1.... I cant drag it anywhere ;(.....

I got your newest version..... Installed it, same thing.... Any suggestion's ? Id really like to get the Pro version... Bit If I cant move it ;(... Thanks in advance :)

Colin Albright said...

I'm a bit like some of the others here, I feel that £15 is way too expensive for this gadget, nice though it is..., £5 would be more reasonable...

You can do the same with Yahoo Widgets for free..

Look at how Bill Gates made his fortune.., don't sell 100 for £15, when you could sell 100000 for £5..

I'm still thinking about it, but £15..., bit too much..

Law James said...

Transam98, could you please email me? I thought I had this issue fixed in both latest versions.

[email protected]

Iukatech said...

Nice gadget but a bit price for a pro version....two things would consider a buy (1) USA dollars (2)a bit cheaper ;) Lots of good here but not needed this bad

Nick Damian said...

cool gadget, and luckily for me I don't know the exchange rate! So, I can't tell you if it is too expensive or not.

Anonymous said...

Like the widget, what would make it A+ for me would be the ability to run a program or command line option by clicking on the server name.

For the Pro version maybe? Although yeah 15 quid seems a bit steep.

Just a thought.

Dave Lucre said...

Hi, I just installed the newest version of this gadget, and I am getting the following error when saving the options:

Line: 155
Error: 'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object

Anonymous said...

you have a nice post. thanks for sharing this enormous resources. keep it up.

Anonymous said...


I also get the

Line: 155
Error: 'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object

Error message

Any ideas?

Barry said...

Just bought the pro versions which is a great 'heads up' quick view of our network status. What would be nice is like the ping, tracert etc, a key+click would open a remote desktop to the device (it's just a command so no different from the way the ping and tracert work...)


Anonymous said...

I have paid for your server ping pro Randy Grammar is the name computer crashed lost file can i get back or have to buy again. [email protected]
i got on cc card

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Thank you!

Alex Sousa Albuquerque said...

please increment telnet conection.

crtl+Shift = telnet

its very important;

jboothco said...


Recently purchased Server Ping Pro. The one thing missing in this vs. the "free" version is the timeout. PLEASE put this in the Pro version! The Pro version drove me crazy because the timeout is set too short and my links constantly go offline falsely. No way to leave the sound alert turned on! Other than that, it works great.


Faisalabad Photographer said...

It is nice gadget.It helps me alot.

Andrew said...

Law, can you make it to where you get an alert when a machine comes online? I use this gaget to let me know when certain hosts come back on our network. Maybe make it customizable where you can turn on/off the audio for online or offline alerting. Thanks, it's been a very useful tool. Add that feature and I'll definitely buy the Pro version.

Anonymous said...

Ola, em quantos computador posso instalar server ping/pro,Grato

scritchouille said...

Thanks a lot Law ! It works like a charm !

Do you plan to extend this gadget to also show what are the currently logged users on the remote machines ? You can use this method while using a (defined) elevated login : " for /f %%a in (IP.txt) do WMIC /NODE:%%a computersystem GET name, username " with ip.txt as a IP text list ;o)

If not, do you know a gadget which does do that ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Law,

This is a great piece of tool.
Is there an option to extend its support up to 500 devices?


ShajeeK said...

This a great peace of tool..

Thomas said...

Even in 2021 i love this tool!
Just: it could be faster and more accurate.

Anonymous said...

I still use the Free Version. Now i need more than 5 Devices. Is it still possible to buy the PRO-Version?

Lawrence James said...

Yes, the pro version is still available