Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Windows Sideshow for Windows Mobile

A few days ago the much anticipated Sideshow for Windows Mobile application was release to the public as a Developers preview. I've had a chance to try this out on my WinMo device (a HTC Hermes) and i must say it is pretty damn awesome, it only comes with a few gadgets out of the box but it works really well.

Out of the box you can view your currently playing track in WMP including album art, change tracks, play/pause and change volume etc. There's also a great Powerpoint gadget which lets you view your slides and control the presentation right form your windows mobile device. You can also view your Outlook 2007 Calendar, but that's not much use when you already have it on your phone anyway.

Even if you're not that into gadgets, if you give presentations regularly I'd definitely try out the Powerpoint remote .

Get it here