Monday, 24 March 2008

My Vista Macbook Sidebar

I thought you guys might like some new recommendations for gadgets that i think every person should at least try out. The last time I did this it was quite popular and is still getting views off Google, so I though I'd give it a try again.  sidebar

Surprisingly despite it being a year since I last did this I'm still using 3 of the same gadgets as I did before, but I'm now running much fewer


Twenty Four Clock - I'm not especially a fan of the TV show 24 which this gadget takes it's design cues from, but I am a fan of it's looks. I've kept it on my sidebar for over a year mainly because it's easy to read but also because I think it looks good and it takes up barely any space.


Network Utilisation - This very handy gadget gives you a graph showing how much data you're downloading or uploading on any of your network cards. On my macbook I've also modified it so I can click to flick through through my wireless card and the inbuilt LAN.


Computer Status - This is a gadget I put together myself by combining lots of other gadgets I've previously used from different authors into one "super" gadget. It shows CPU usage, RAM usage, HDD usage, WIFI strength (with a flyout showing more details), battery level, recycle bin status, radio with multiple presets, and the date. Unfortunately though as this uses the code from 4 different authors I can't release it. If there's interest in this though I will attempt to contact them and see if they will allow me to release it.





Now Playing Gadget - Like I said last time, chances are if you're on this blog you know what this gadget does. If you don't, seriously, try it now! It shows you details about your currently playing song and retrieves album art and lyrics for them automatically. It has lots of customisation options, loads of functions and is compatible with many popular media player such as WMP, iTunes, Winamp etc.



The Hobby Lounge - This gadget shows you the latest posts from The Hobby Lounge forums and also notifies you of any new PM's via a visual and audio notification. It's a really well thought out gadget with functions like being able to view all the posts in a flyout with links to reply etc. If you want somewhere to talk about gadgets, THL is probably the best (if not the only) place to do so. Also due to the Live Gallery being a bit developer unfriendly, some developers only release their gadgets on THL so THL is a good place to look for new gadgets.


Anonymous said...

Could you post the link to the Computer Status gadget? I couldn't find it on:

Law James said...

Hey ovi, in the post it says "Unfortunately though as this uses the code from 4 different authors I can't release it.". By that i mean i haven't released it, and can't.

Anonymous said...

Please send me the computer Status gadget it is great for my Laptop.

Unknown said...

I would like to have the computer status gadget to.
Can't you send it or something?
Nobody needs to know:p

Anonymous said...

hi there.. kinda liked your computer status gadget.. can you please send me a copy.. please.. if you can please send it here [email protected] many THANKS! :)

Anonymous said...

James if you can, please make this Computer Status gadget avalible to all of us! Its look awesome and i want some for me :D

Dionysos said...

ya, I agree, that gadget would be real nice.
Hope you will be able to release it.

Anonymous said...
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