Wednesday, 30 January 2008

MediaMonkey Issue Update

The following is suggested on the Media Monkey forums. I haven't tried this so let me know if it helps. Note: This is only if you have the issue with NP sitting idle while MM is playing a song.

See if this command helps:

regsvr32 scrrun.dll

Type the above command in Start->Run and press Enter. Restart Windows.


Edit: A NP user, Preston, has now confirmed that this worked for him so I have added it to the readme.

MediaMonkey Issues/ ID3 Issues

Some more users are reporting to me that there are still problems with NowPlaying and MediaMonkey 3. I've looked into this a lot and it seems with every user the gadget is failing when it tries to connect to the MM API using the following line of code:

new ActiveXObject("SongsDB.SDBApplication")

If your MM just sits there with the monkey head doing nothing while MM3 is playing a song please comment on this post to let me know, and if possible, maybe make a post in the MM forums. I don't currently have a way to fix it though as it appears to be a sporadic problem with MediaMonkey.

ID3 + Vista 64Bit

After moving to 64Bit Windows on my main computer I've realised the DLL that Now Playing uses for ID3 support only works on 32Bit Windows. This is what was causing constant UAC prompts for users; the gadget couldn't communicate with the DLL so it assumed it wasn't installed and tried to install it every time a song played. For now, the stop this is to click on "Disable using ID3 tags" is the "Art Settings" section of the first tab of the settings.

If I have fixes/updates for either of these issues I'll post them on here so it may be a good idea to subscribe to the blog using the RSS icon on the right.

Thanks for your patience, Law

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

New NowPlaying Initial Screen

A NowPlaying user by the name of Matthiew Marks has kindly provided me with some new skins for the initial player chooser screen of NowPlaying. Please vote on which of the 5 options below that you prefer (using the poll to the right hand side of this post). The new version will include this as well as hopefully the option to save Album Art to the ID3 tags.

Edit: Poll closed, Skin 2 it is.

1.  txtskin3  2.txtskin2 

3.   txtskin4 4.   txtskin5  5. txtskin1

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Skins.Be Downloader 1.4


As promised, here is a new version of the gadget with the uploads feed added. You can view one of the four following feed types for The beta site is now fully functional so the original feed has also been removed as it no longer exists.

  • Latest babe wallpapers submitted
  • Latest wallpapers of a specific babe
  • Latest uploads (clean)
  • Latest uploads (all)


Got any issues or suggestion? Drop me an email

Monday, 7 January 2008

Eve Online Update 1.4


Here's another small update to the Eve Online gadget. Some of you may already have this. If you already have 1.4 there are no changes as there were no bugs reported, it is just being released as an auto-update now.


  • Skill end date in flyout matches local timezone
  • Total Skill Points shown in flyout
  • Option to disable notification sound

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Skins.Be Downloader Update 1.3


The gadget has been updated because due to the server migration at Skins.Be the RSS feed that the gadget used is no longer being updated. It is now using the original Skins.Be feed (non beta feed) which does get updated. Incase the other feed starts working again i have left it in as an option in the settings page.

Once the server migration issues are all sorted i will finish adding the "Uploads" RSS feed to the gadget.

Got any issues or suggestion? Drop me an email

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Now Playing Update 3.92


Just released another update for NowPlaying, the 40th update! It's mainly just bug fixes and compatibility updates so should help a few people out.


  • Added a disable ID3 option (for UAC problems)
  • Set 6 play button improved
  • Settings page made more obvious
  • Winamp close button added (should fix Winamp reopening issues)
  • Media Monkey close button added (should fix scripting warning dialogue)
  • Media Monkey compatibility improved
  • iTunes, Winamp and Media Monkey close button added to docked mode
  • interface updated, more lyrics will now be found
  • editing fixed

EDIT: Sorry for breaking iTunes support there, the gadget's now fixed, it's version 3.91 you need, use the download link above or the gadget will get the update automatically in a few hours.

EDIT2: The lyrics should now work instead of just showing "loading". Let me know if you guys find any other issues.

Eve Online Update 1.3


Here's a small update to the Eve Online gadget, I decided to release it now as it has the updated Skill List which I've had a few emails requesting. It's not quite done, the flyout needs a new skin but other than that I think it's fine. If you find any bugs please let me know ASAP.


  • Skill training finished sound should now work
  • More obvious alerting that the you have no skill in training
  • Option to disable scrolling text (which can be distracting)
  • Refreshing of gadget improved a bit, remember you can still double click on it to refresh
  • Skill list lengthened, hopefully contains all the current skills
  • Added Skill End Date to flyout so you don't have to calculate it manually