Monday, 31 December 2007

MediaMonkey Issues

Just a quick post as i'm on the laptop in a car, I'll soon be releasing an update which has a few tweaks and fixes. I hear alot of people having trouble with the new MM3. If you are having any issues related to crashing or the gadget not working at all please try downloading the gadget at the link below. If this fixes/doesn't fix the issue please leave a comment and your email address.

Thanks, Law


Sunday, 16 December 2007

NowPlaying Gadget Ideas

I'm currently in my Christmas break from University and i should have a lot of free time coming up where i have time to work on gadgets. So if you guys have any suggestions, ideas, or features that you'd like to see implemented in NowPlaying then either comment on this post or email me here. Any features that i add i will probably make it an optional update to NowPlaying so those of you who don't like updates won't have new features forced upon you.

I'll keep this post updated with suggested features and whether i can implement them or not

P.S. Thanks to all the people who have donated since my last post about ceasing development, the donations and thanks have been very much appreciated.

Feature Ideas

  • Zune Player integration - Not possible, no form of API
  • Keeping the lyrics flyout open - Not possible, sidebar limitation
  • MiniLyrics integration - Not possible, no ActiveX Com Support
  • Next albums album art - Would use up a lot of resources and wouldn't be compatible with many players
  • Yahoo Music Jukebox support - It doesn't have any API
  • MM3 Support - Done

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Regarding Eve Online SkillWatch

I've been made aware by many users that the Eve Online gadget currently does not work due to a Trinity Update. I don't currently know how this affects the API and whether it will be permanent or not, nor can i see any changes to the API on the API website or the developers forums. If anyone has any details as to what the issue is I'm all ears.

Thanks, Law


EDIT: They've now re-enabled the API so it should be working again now. Look forward to a new version of the gadget in the near future with some little tweaks.