Sunday, 19 August 2007

Now Playing Development Ceased

From now on there will no longer be any updates to the Now Playing gadget. What was originally meant to be a very simple gadget is now way too complex and too much of my time is now spent dealing with people who have some issue and have not read the readme - I've had enough.

It also comes down to the fact there is simply no way of making money from the gadget, I had envisaged if I made this gadget full of features and filled everyone's requests that people would donate, but this has not been the case. Therefore it's not worth my time.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Now Playing Update - 3.7


In short, Art is much improved and so are lyrics

The details:

  • Desperate Amazon search added, if first search fails it tries removing the album name from the search. This improves art success dramatically rate for compilation albums such as "Now that's what I call music"
  • Google and desperate Amazon image searches aren't auto-saved when auto-save art is enabled as they rarely get totally accurate art
  • Google image desperate mode added. If you don't get any art with this, you have something wrong with your music tags (or your Internet connection is down).
  • Sometimes art retrieved from Google was just an image of lyrics, that domain is now blocked. Tesco was showing just back covers, they're also blocked.
  • If the first Google search result is a 404, the gadget will try the next 7 results of that search.
  • As a note, having auto-save art on will speed up track changes. If it can find art locally instead of going to Amazon every time it shows the art much quicker.
  • More details added to show the user what to do when WMP plugin is disabled automatically
  • Auto-Save lyrics function added. Only will be used for this 
  • Lyrdb lyrics service added as a fallback if the first service doesn't find results
  • Tag added to bottom of lyrics window specifying where the lyrics came from
  • Opacity of icons decreased when player isn't open
  • Changed small itunes icon

Friday, 10 August 2007

Guess That Song Update - 1.1

The gadget "Guess That Song" has just received a must needed update adding a pause function and displaying the correct answer if you were wrong.

For those of you who don't know, "Guess That Song" is a game gadget that plays you a track and you have to pick from the options what you think the track is called while it keeps a score of how well you are doing.


Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Now Playing Update - 3.6


Better plug-in system all round. Foobar, QMP, and Winamp plug-ins install better. They're also not included with the gadget but are downloaded from the server automatically. This means the gadget size will be smaller so WMP users (which account for over half of the gadgets users) won't have unnecessary plugin's.

  • Zoom levels in settings un-disabled
  • My list of gadgets in settings no longer appear twice
  • Lyrics button added to iPhone skin
  • Smaller file size

Note: Application paths are important, if you installed your player in one location and decided to move it somewhere else without using an installer, the gadget probably won't work.

P.S. Please donate if you like the gadget :)

Got any issues or suggestion? Drop me an email