Friday, 9 December 2011

Sidebar Gadgets Download Links

As some of you may be aware, the Windows Live Gallery has now shut it doors and taken most of the gadgets offline. Below are download links for some of my more popular gadgets. Please note, all but Server Ping are no longer maintained.

Server Ping

Eve Online

Now Playing


Johnoo said...

Can you also post a link so that we could download Computer Status V2?

Anonymous said...

The gadget "Now Playing" is great, I only miss one thing, to be perfect. A "slider bar" for the current song.


Anonymous said...

is there a link where I can download the "Computer Status" Gadget. I recently bought a new HP, and it didn't come with it, but it has been so useful. please post a link.

Michal M said...

I have a problem with nowplaying gadgets. Background behind gadget is blinking on white color and is no transparency. If someone know how fix it please help me.
[email protected]

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