Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Now Playing + iTunes Issues

Sometimes when iTunes update their software it can break compatibility with the Now Playing gadget for some users but not all.

A user of the gadget, “pancheto”, found a good link for dealing with this issue.

If you’re unable to use the Now Playing gadget after updating iTunes please try the following link:


Anonymous said...

Any chance an update will be coming to fix the amazon fetching? Not sure how hard/easy it would be but maybe remove amazon from the query and stick with google image or a different website?

Anonymous said...

I love this gadget, however it's causing iTunes to periodically lock up... Any thoughts on why this would be happening?
Running Win7 Ultimate 64-bit and the latest iTunes... Also have the mmKeys.dll plugin installed.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your link, try to use is as soon as I will have a free time. But for now I am completely satisfied by my iTunes latest version download from this amazing service that my sister advise me not so long time ago.