Thursday, 20 August 2009

Now Playing + Amazon Art Fetching

As some of you may have noticed the Now Playing gadget has now stopped fetching album art from Amazon. This is due to a change in Amazon’s API a week ago. They now request that all calls to their API be encrypted so any API calls the gadget makes fail.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to fix this problem so this post is really just a notification to let people know what’s happening.

If anyone feels like fixing the issue feel free and I’ll be happy to credit you and push it out as an update.


Unknown said...

whew! at least i'm not going crazy.

love the app by the way.

what do you use for playing and tagging mp3s? just curious.

Law James said...

iTunes unfortunately because I have an iPhone, although I mainly listen to the radio with one of my gadgets.

HungryBear said...

hey, i know you mentioned a while back that you were interested in adding songbird support. Is that still on the table, or are you currently occupied with other things. Thanks for your support, love your gadget.

Unknown said...

doesn't work w/ iTunes 9.0 at all.

Mark said...

Great gadget, have been using it for a while now, but after updating to iTunes 9.0, it seems to cause both to crash. Any chance of an update?

lechu said...

hi all. let me first tell you that I haven't had any problem using iTunes v9 and NowPlaying v4.05 on a Win7 machine. I did came across an interesting post that may solve some isues with Windows + iTunes integration, and that eventually may solve this specific one:

thanks Law for this great gadget. I've been through plenty of them that could replate my old great iTunes Companion for Yahoo Widgets, and this is by far the best I've found.

a minor consideration though: I find it a little unresponsive. why is that CPU goes so high when changing track, and why does it use RAM that doesn't release after? it looks that RAM increases in the same size as the art displayed file size, but as it doesn't release that memory its RAM usage increases in an unaffordably linear manner. would that be a programming bug?

Law James said...

Thanks for the link pancheto, if I remember I'll try to post it to the blog. I've always suspected the COM object got messed up when iTunes was re-installed.

With regards to memory leaks, I've looked several times and can't see anything with the code, it seems it's the sidebar caching the images and not letting them go, something I don't think I can do anything about unfortunately.

The high CPU is because the gadget has to do a fair amount of work searching different areas for album art and JavaScript isn't the most efficient language in the world.

lechu said...

thanks to you man. mentioning a link, that btw I found while trying to make my iTunes Companion work (it didn't though, so that's why I tried searching for the best iTunes interface for Sidebar), is the least I could do to help you ;)

I guess the high CPU is something I could live with, but the memory leak (I definitely agree with you that it must be something with the sidebar.exe process caching) is not that assumable.

I'll have a deeper look around for this issue (a quick search hasn't been productive), and I'll let you know if there's anyone that has ever come to a solution regarding memory management within windows sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Couldnt you just change the order of methods of fetching? Maybe put google image first instead of amazon?