Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Amazon Sidebar Tool

Amazon Sidebar Tool is a new gadget release that integrates with Amazon to allow you to search for items, view details, view their pictures, add them to the cart, and then purchase that cart direct from Amazon all right from your sidebar. The idea is to have an Amazon search bar waiting in your sidebar for when you want to check on an item. When you have something to search for, simply type it in and hit enter and the gadget will grow to full size and display all the search results. You can hover over an item to view more details or double click to open a flyout with loads of information about the item including reviews, a list of sellers and a picture browser.

It basically has everything you could ever want from an Amazon search gadget, way better than all those basic search box gadgets that seem to be cluttering up the Live Gallery lately.

If you have any suggestions or issues please leave a comment below or check out the forums.


  • Search and view items with detailed overviews, image gallery and reviews
  • View marketplace sellers for each item and add any seller's item to the cart
  • Buy items in your cart from the Amazon Website
  • Supports Amazon USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Japan
  • Choose individual search categories and sorting methods for search
  • Amazon Sidebar Tool resizes to your liking, just grab the bottom-right corner
  • Double-click the Gadget frame to toggle mini-search mode

amazon scr hover

amazon scr flyout cart


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