Friday, 15 August 2008

Server Ping Update

Server Ping Pro has been updated once again to version 1.95 now with an audible alarm when a servers ping response time falls below the Orange threshold or the server fails. I've also right-aligned all the ping times (when you're not using the LED mode) to make the gadget look nicer.

All current users of Server Ping Pro will be emailed the new update shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, Please tell me how to run Server Ping on XP.. either on the desktop or a sidebar, like google's.. I just want the red/green lights.. and I really only need to watch one server..

Thanks so very much.

- Maggie [email protected]

cina said...

Great tool and using all the time except active IGMP packet filtering gives red sign with some firewall. Would be great if I could monitor known opened port of a server to get real online status.
Sample vbscript to get port status:
strServer = ""
strPort = "80"
strPQpath = "c:\temp\pq\"
strCommand = strPQpath & "portqry.exe -q -n " & strServer & " -e " & strPort & ""

set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
Return = objShell.Run(strCommand,0,true)

wscript.echo Return
Return will be
0 if online
1 if offline
2 if filtered/unknown
Result would be great for traffic lamp system as well (0: green, 1: red, 2: yellow)

reach me at:

cina said...

portqry download at: