Friday, 18 July 2008

Server Ping Updates

I've just released an update to Server Ping (1.43) to fix the issue with some locales who were unable to enter IP addresses and could only ping server names/domains. Download the update to fix this issue.

Also, I quietly released an update to Server Ping Pro (1.8) a few days ago to add support for different thresholds for Green and Orange LEDs showing how long the server takes to respond to pings. To get the update simply re-download Server Ping Pro from the link in the email I sent you.

Server Ping Download

Server Ping Pro


Anonymous said...

The checkbox for LED is checked, but it's still using numeric output. I uncheck it, but when I come back to the options it is checked again. And no matter what I do, I cannot get the LED's.

Is there a way I can force it into using LEDs?

btw: thanks for the cool gadget!

Anonymous said...

I hacked main.js and finally got the LED's to show... but it's a cheesy work-around.

I edited line 40, changing:
{System.Gadget.Settings.writeString("traffic", value)}
System.Gadget.Settings.writeString("traffic", 1)}

It's not a good hack... but so far, it's the only way that I've found to kick on the LEDs.

Law James said...

Thanks for letting me know. You can redownload it from the link in the post and you should get 1.43 which fixes it. It'll be on the gallery shortly also.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey - it works! Thanks, man. I love this little gadget. Stuff like this redeems the whole Sidebar, in my opinion.

I don't know if this feature is available in the Pro edition, but an idea: make the numeric ping results all right-aligned (where the LED's show up), instead of immediately after each name. Just an idea.

Thanks again!

Law James said...

I actually meant to do that, a friend suggested it to me a few months ago. I'll keep that on the todo list and do it when i have a free moment.

Btw if you're wondering, the reason why I don't pick up on this is because I only use a few of my own gadgets so i have to rely on feedback from users like you if theres any issues. So thanks.

Anonymous said...

Alerts would be a great feature. Throw a big a alert at the user when a server is not pinging. Also configurable email settings so an email can be sent when a server stops pinging.

These would be features worth paying for for sure.

Law James said...

Unfortunately they're also the features of a proper program, there are many apps that can do just this but it's not what gadgets are meant to do. Infact there's actually no way of popping up a message on the screen (Except an error which wouldn't tell you anything). And there's also no native way of sending emails from a gadget.

I think the gadget currently has a nice amount of functionality without interfering with what dedicated apps are intended for.