Sunday, 27 July 2008

My T-Mobile gadget updated

I've just released a small update to the My-Tmobile gadget that shows you your remaining FlexT allowance. The update fixes the gadget after T-Mobile changed a few things on their website.



Anonymous said...

The T-Mobile Gadget is extremely useful, but most of us have Phone Number Accounts... How do I even get an account like you are talking about so I can use this gadget?

Law James said...


By 'most of us' I assume you mean in the US? In the UK (a country outside of the US) we use an email address to login, so this gadget won't work for the US.

Sorry about that.

Unknown said...

I have mobile broadband as well as a Flext account and by default my t-mobile opens on the mobile broadband bill details. I made my own gadget for google desktop that got around this by after logging in making a subsequent request to with a param of "ctn" = mobile number. I would then scrape that screen. Any chance this could be implemented in your sidebar gadget.

Law James said...


Maybe you could try modifying the URL the gadget uses?

Modify the string below to find the gadgets folder:

C:\Users\ljames28\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets