Thursday, 10 April 2008

Now Playing 4.03 (Beta)


This version fixes the issue where the gadget would not detect when a track had changed in Foobar after the player had been reopened. It also supports editing of lyrics with non-standard characters in the track names.


Anonymous said...

now in foobar everything looks very good! Thank you for the best sidebar gadget :)


Anonymous said...

I've just downloaded this gadget for the first time (4.03) and when trying to use with Winamp all I get is "Notice: Error in Winamp" on the gadget..
I allowed install of active winamp plugin at the UAC prompt etc. This is using Winamp 5.53.
Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

nice gadget

but with itunes, when the track changes (or i manualy change the song) the gadget doesnt change the albumcover.
i first have to got in the settings of nowplaying, after closing the settings, the gadget updates the albumcover.

this problem exists with 4.0 and 4.03 (beta)


Anonymous said...

works for a while.. and just freeze.. when the music changes the timer change for the time of the new music but everything else stills in the past music, the title the rating etc.. until I open the options.. but just to freeze again.. I’m using it with the latest version of ITunes

Anonymous said...

congratulations for the gadget
it's true, it freeze using itunes

very good work

rssfed23 said...

Can confirm that it does this with iTunes
But still; good work with the updates!

Michael said...

The trouble that these guys are having in iTunes with it freezing except for the duration...I'm having the same problem in Foobar. It updates itself when I open the options though.

Any suggestions?

Dionysos said...

I experience the same problems with iTunes.
But not only the cover doesn't refresh, it's the whole info that is shown on mouse-over that doesn't do it.
But the commands still work, even the NEXT and PREV.

Dionysos said...

sorry, wrongly placed message.

I'm still on the 4.0 !

Law James said...

I'm aware you guys are having issues, i have no idea why, but I haven't fixed them yet as I'm at university so don't have the time yet.

PaweĊ‚ said...

Please add support to PowerDVD

Psychotronic said...

Nice gadget, the best of its kind, but i'm using iTunes so...I hope you will fix the problems soon ^^

Bug : no update with iTunes

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Now it works fine with foobar :-)

Anonymous said...

I d/l'd the 4.03, theres a few problems.

Does not always show correct album art for song, or at least the art shown in Windows Media Player 11

Also, it seems that the player always wants to show the text only view, I always have to go back and change it to normal docked view.

Thanks, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this very useful gadget. Sure it's one of the best i ever used. However, some bugs appear ... I think. When I change song, art work doesn't change. Maybe I've already have artwork in the mp3 file?
Anyways... looking for a newer verison.

very good work! bravo

BigOno said...

For some reason I was not able to get Radio information to show up using iTunes. Strangely enough when I changed to a different radio station it worked, and then when I changed back to the original station it worked all of a sudden - but now my album artwork isn't updating(strange??).
Since I mostly just use Now Playing to listed to iTunes radio, and radio stations don't seem to use the "Album" info, it would be nice to be able to turn that info off in the gadget (so it doesn't always say "No Album").

BigOno said...

Okay, I just discovered something.
If I play the radio station from the iTunes Library directly, then I get the Title and Artist (station name) information, but NO artwork. However when I pull my favorite stations into an iTunes Playlist and play from there, I get artwork, but no Artist information and the radio station name moves to the Title slot (???).

Anonymous said...

Doesn't really work for me. As soon as i pick iTunes, it just shows a big iTunes logo and nothing else. Clicking on the logo brings up the iTunes windows. It does not show the song playing or anything.

JM said...

Curious, any plans for a 64 bit version? I really like the plugin, mostly for the ability to have a small on-screen gadget that I can quickly rate the currently playing song in... would be even better to have a global keyboard hotkey that did that, but.. this is the closest I've found so far.

However, I use the 64 bit WMP, and the plugin does not show up.. I copied it to a Plugins directory in the 64 bit directory, but still doesn't show up. I don't know if I'm just doing this wrong, or the plugin will only work in the 32 bit version... any help or info would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I have to say I had tested your gadget only under Vista 64 SP1 and using Foobar. It seems to work, then I had to dump it becouse it do use a lot of CPU time. I do have other nine gadgets on my sidebar and removing yours solved the CPU load problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi law, your gadget is great, but since i upgraded to v4.0 and even tried v4.03. Winamp has been restarting when i close the application, for it to shut properly i'd have to close your gadget first. My winamp version is 5.53. I tried to revert to my older version but i seemed to have uninstalled it :(. Anyways hope you can fix this sometime in the future.


Andrew said...

So if I have have all my music and album art in one single folder, how do I edit the art settings so as to show the correct art for each song, as opposed to just the first album cover in the folder?

Anonymous said...

Hello really fantastic gadget

But today with the update of avast there is a false positive
sign of adobe-bd in the java script
and gadget.htm

submit on the avast forum but no reply
this is a problem with the blocker script

Law James said...

Thanks for posting in their forum, I've just sent an email letting them know it's a false positive.

Anonymous said...

Hello again
Just for saying:

It's solved for the avast false positive


Anonymous said...

itune 7.7 make it out of date again

Soft said...

Thanks for this awesome gadget! Please update it to work with iTunes 7.7

Law James said...

Can i ask why specifically you say the gadget needs updating? I just tried it with iTunes 7.7 and it works fine. I advise you try reinstalling iTunes and/or the gadget.

I've previously had people say a new version of iTunes has broken the gadget but on further inspection the gadget is fine, then when th next iTunes comes out magically the gadget works again.

Anonymous said...

Hi james,
great plugin !
I use foobar. 4.03 works really fine.
Could you make album art display a bit smarter ?
I have multiple tracks from different albums in same folder. The album art is "artist - album.jpg" in same folder.
Current version picks the fist .jpg in the folder :(

Law James said...

The gadget already supports about 10 different ways of getting art (See readme). Unfortunately everybody who uses the gadget has different ways of organising their art so i can't please everyone

Anonymous said...

ok, rule #10 applicable in my situation :(
anyway, great gadget

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gadget -- can it grab the artwork from WinAmp via the ID3 tag in Vista x64?

Anonymous said...

[Window Title]
C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe

Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

This is the error I get. I've instaled foobar elsewhere and I want it there. There is no possibility to change path for programs.

Anonymous said...

Vista 64 just installed foobar 9.6 and then beta Now Playing 4.03. When I click on Foobar from the players I get a blank gadget, which occasionally says choose player on mouse-over. Help?!

.a said...

i have problem with foobar2000 (error: downloading plugin). I have seen that someone had it before and you direct him to readme file. I'll be happy if I can do same but readme link doesn't work :( where i can find readme then?