Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Now Playing 4.01 (Beta)


This version contains a possible fix for the issues with foobar. The problem is everytime you change track, Foobar stops the current track and then half a second later starts the next track, so it tells the gadget it's changed track twice (in very short succession) which confuses it a bit, hopefully this version fixes that.

Let me know what happens


Anonymous said...

Working sweet now on Foobar

One minor thing, it kinda annoy's me how the widget when docked changes size. It reshuffles my gadgets sometimes pushing the ones below onto the next page. Could we have an option for it to retain the size it is when it's displaying cover art when even when the music player isn't open or not playing a track.


Anonymous said...

When I open Foobar first time everything is ok, but when I close foobar and open again songinfo and cover does not change (I'm changing tracks and playlists in foobar). The same problem was in version 4.0


Unknown said...

Here same problem as Grzesiek.

Anonymous said...

Could be a nice gadget but it does not find foobar if it is installed in a different path as standard.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to get Now Playing to grab the album art from the ID3 tag? The "Disable using ID3 tags for album art" setting is stuck On. I have my art in the MP3 tags and don't need it to go out to Amazon each time.

I tried editing the settings file to:

but it doesn't seem to matter.

Thanks for any help..

Law James said...

It's stuck like that for a reason, because it's not X64 compatible. There is no way to make the gadget read ID3 tags on X64, you're better off using a player that supports ID3 tag reading like WMP, iTunes or MediaMonkey

Anonymous said...

interesting that you can't read ID3 tags on a 64-bit system...winamp doesn't read ID3 tags?