Saturday, 29 March 2008

Now Playing 3.9993 (Beta)


If nobody has any bugs to report on this I'll release it as an automatic update soon. The skin system has been tested on many systems and should now be fine.

  • Skin system hopefully now fixed


살라살라 said...

Thanx ur nice gadget!
But albumarts don`t change automatically in wmp and iTunes.(vista64 sp1)

Law James said...

Can you give me some more details please? Like is it only the albumart that doesnt change, or the track details too? What happens when you press the next track button in the gadget?

Thanks, Law

Law James said...

Actually, does the gadget show any album art at all? There's two WMP's on X64, theres an X64 and an X86 version, only the X86 version is compatible with the gadget. Try closing WMP and then click on the gadget to open it, the gadget will open the X86 version which it is compatible with. Let me know how that goes

살라살라 said...

songs change automatically but alumarts and songs` infomations stop to showing on first song.
when i click the next button of nowplaying gadget, wmp(itunes) plays next song but albumarts and informations does`t work, just freeze on first song`s info.
on that state, click the preference wrench button and click OK, albumarts and songs` info change as now playing song.
i use x86 wmp, itunes and x64 sidebar.
sorry for my poor english.

Geraint Parry said...

I can confirm that album art doesn't change for me either.

Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit

Law James said...

Parry, could you please email me at [email protected] so i can get a few more details from you?

Thanks very much, Law

Law James said...

myungsin: try uninstalling all versions of the gadget and then install 3.9993 again. This oddly worked for parry

살라살라 said...

Now Playing gadget version 3.9993beta can`t be downloaded. i can download 3.9992.
i cicked, downloaded installed v3.993beta but
preference pannel shows me v3.9992beta.
i uninstalled and reinstalled gadget × 2

Law James said...

Well then your browser must be caching it somewhere. I just checked and the version at the link is deffinitely 3.9993. If you are using firefox try saving to a different location or use a different computer to download it. I am 100% sure the version at the link is 3.9993

Matthias said...

Thanks. Skinproblem ist gone :)

Album Art changes flawlessly in WMP (Vista Enterprise 32Bit SP1).

BTW: Would be nice if when I click the album cover it could take me to the german amazon-site instead of Maybe you could make this selectable somehow :)


Law James said...

Hey Matthias, could you email me at [email protected] so i cn investigate this further, thanks, law