Thursday, 27 March 2008

Now Playing 3.9992 (Beta)


The version numbers are getting a little silly now. The changes I made were quite fundamental to the way the gadget works and they also rely on filesystem stuff so people using XP or non English systems have had issues. Hopefully the gadget will soon be bug free and I can release a much improved 4.0 to the masses.

  • Skin system improved for XP and Different locales
  • Amazon locale system now compatible with XP
  • Quit button removed for Winamp


Unknown said...

Law nice work load up fine now on xp only thing found so far is if you set gadget all big the gadget goes so small u can not see it.

But rest is fine m8 good work :)

Unknown said...

oh found more does not remember skin set and no zoom lvl set to :(

Unknown said...

v. 3.9992 (Beta) displays a javascript error when running under Vista SP1. Error reads:
Explorer User Prompt -
Script Prompt:
Line: 56 x-gadget:///settings.htm
'skinArray[...].1' is null or not an object
Clicking OK or Cancel displays the settings window, but without the ability to make any changes.

Installed this version after first uninstalling the version available from Microsoft's gadget site.

Law James said...

Hey, any chance you guys could both email me? I have a new version, but it's quicker if I email you guys personally instead of making blog posts all the time. Unfortunately this has been a bit trial and error as the system seems to be affected by a lot of factors. If you could give me your email addresses/email me that would be really helpful. Thanks, Law