Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Now Playing 3.96


Unfortunately a user identified an issue where the changes to the ID3 system could cause the gadget to not update when a track is changed so I've had to release another update. Sorry to the few thousand who have to update twice.


Chris said...

Updates being relatively painless... I say thanks for the quick fix.

Klaus said...

Thanks for this great tool! But for some reason the "Auto-save art to ID3 Tag" check box is blanked and it won't let me enable it. I'm using iTunes and running Vista Business. Is there any reason why?

Law James said...

Klaus, that feature isn't enabled yet

Miłosz Radziszewski said...

Hi, first: great thing;)

but i have a problem with audioscrobbler: why the tracks are not being updated in proper time? There is a delay time, i mean, your gadget doesn't take now playing song, but only the last played song;)

is it good behaviour?

Law James said...

Chosen: That's normal, audioscrobbler is designed to show what tracks you've played, not what track your playing. It only submits its data half way through the song so by the time the gadget gets it it's already near the end.

Miłosz Radziszewski said...

Yes, but i know that i can see on the website what am i listening now, in this moment:)

Your gadget is loading a data from recent tracks xml file, is there any source of data which can tell us what track is being played at "this" moment?

i'm using wmp and radio, so it could be nice if i could use your awesome gadget with these two players at one moment:)

anyway, good job:)

Law James said...

Well the gadget checks the feed every 25 seconds, if you want you could manually edit the main.js file to decrease that but I'm not going to decrease the value myself as they will block the gadget and then nobody will be able to use it.