Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Server Ping 1.3 Update

The server ping gadget has finally had some much needed updates.

  • Code rewritten to be scaleable and more efficient
  • Settings saving even when gadget is closed
  • Setting added for timeout
  • Ping, Traceroute and DNS Lookup all accessible with a click of the server name
  • Bug fixes and errors after resuming from standby fixed



Anonymous said...

For some reason, all the dots "." are removed when I try to enter addresses. No clue why.

Anonymous said...

Just installed 1.3 and if I have multiple instances of it open (cause I have more than 5 machines) the second instance will pick up the machines from the first instance if sidebar is restarted.

Law James said...

Anon1: Thats due to regionalitity issues which i can't fix.

Anon2: That's by design, the free version only supports 5 servers.

Erik R said...

Anonymous1: Use integer notation as explained on

Kamil said...

Hi The side bar is brilliant you mention that the free version only supports 5 servers.

How many does the paid for version support and how much is a licence?

Please feel free to email through My google identity

All the best

Law James said...

Hey, your google identity is currently hidden

Anonymous said...

hey m8,
i like ur gadget i tried to buy the 25 but my country is not supported by paypal.
can u plz find me a way so i can get the pro Server Ping.
i'll be getting back to check any replys.
thx m8.

Law James said...


Email me at and we'll sort something out.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you will be modifying the gadget to function with Windows 7? Now that the RTM is out I suspect I'm not the only person that will come across this. It loads but only displays a third of it on the screen, the rest is too far off to the right to see anything.

Anonymous said...

@Anon from 14 February 2008...
It happened to me as well after changing regional setings. fixed it by reinstalling the gadget.