Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Server Ping 1.3 Update

The server ping gadget has finally had some much needed updates.

  • Code rewritten to be scaleable and more efficient
  • Settings saving even when gadget is closed
  • Setting added for timeout
  • Ping, Traceroute and DNS Lookup all accessible with a click of the server name
  • Bug fixes and errors after resuming from standby fixed



Anonymous said...

For some reason, all the dots "." are removed when I try to enter addresses. No clue why.

Anonymous said...

Just installed 1.3 and if I have multiple instances of it open (cause I have more than 5 machines) the second instance will pick up the machines from the first instance if sidebar is restarted.

Law James said...

Anon1: Thats due to regionalitity issues which i can't fix.

Anon2: That's by design, the free version only supports 5 servers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous1: Use integer notation as explained on

Unknown said...

Hi The side bar is brilliant you mention that the free version only supports 5 servers.

How many does the paid for version support and how much is a licence?

Please feel free to email through My google identity

All the best

Law James said...

Hey, your google identity is currently hidden

Anonymous said...

hey m8,
i like ur gadget i tried to buy the 25 but my country is not supported by paypal.
can u plz find me a way so i can get the pro Server Ping.
i'll be getting back to check any replys.
thx m8.

Law James said...


Email me at [email protected] and we'll sort something out.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you will be modifying the gadget to function with Windows 7? Now that the RTM is out I suspect I'm not the only person that will come across this. It loads but only displays a third of it on the screen, the rest is too far off to the right to see anything.

Anonymous said...

@Anon from 14 February 2008...
It happened to me as well after changing regional setings. fixed it by reinstalling the gadget.