Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Now Playing Update 3.92


Just released another update for NowPlaying, the 40th update! It's mainly just bug fixes and compatibility updates so should help a few people out.


  • Added a disable ID3 option (for UAC problems)
  • Set 6 play button improved
  • Settings page made more obvious
  • Winamp close button added (should fix Winamp reopening issues)
  • Media Monkey close button added (should fix scripting warning dialogue)
  • Media Monkey compatibility improved
  • iTunes, Winamp and Media Monkey close button added to docked mode
  • interface updated, more lyrics will now be found
  • editing fixed

EDIT: Sorry for breaking iTunes support there, the gadget's now fixed, it's version 3.91 you need, use the download link above or the gadget will get the update automatically in a few hours.

EDIT2: The lyrics should now work instead of just showing "loading". Let me know if you guys find any other issues.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure this new now playing is working with Itunes? I'm having problems with it...

Anonymous said...


i like your gagdet, and i just downloaded the last version 3.9 to test it.

i'm using iTunes 7.5 with your gadget. it works fine with your older versions of now playing, but with that one, i have an error message :
line 319
'itunesAllowOpen' is undefined

hope you can fix it =)

(sry for my bad english)

Anonymous said...

After updating to the latest version, I get the following error when I select the iTunes player:

A runtime error has occurred.
Do you wish to debug?

Line 319
Error: 'iTunesAllowOpen' is undefined

I'm using iTunes 7.5 which is the latest version.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get this to work... it keeps coming up that this is not a valid windows gadget. Any ideas???

Law James said...

I just tried downloading it off the link and I'm not having any trouble, maybe try a different browser.

Anonymous said...

Hey guy, thanks for sharing your work with us. I've been using 3.8 with Windows Media Player and it's been working just fine. I downloaded the newest version today, and for the most part it seems to work, but when I tried to check the lyrics for several different songs, I just got a loading message. I re-installed 3.8, and it's back to normal again. Is there a way NOT to get the update? Thanks again! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problems as everybody here:
I'm using iTunes and there seems to be a problem. The gadget doesn't respond to iTunes.

I hope you will be able to fix it, it's a very nice gadget.

Thx for developing.

[if you should need some translations to french or dutch, feel free to contact me]


Law James said...

dinoysosv...Is that with version 3.91?

Anonymous said...

a feature i'd really like to see is when the gadget is docked, the cd covers will show as their original size.. so when you have cd covers that arent the traditional square shape the gadget doesnt automatically stretch the picture, i love this gadget though great work

Anonymous said...

James, keep it on,
i love this gadget

Anonymous said...

This is still one of my favourite gadgets but i'm having a little problem with the latest version.

The lyrics feature does not work for me. The flyout works but just says 'loading' and nothing else happens.

Everything else works great.

Thanks for your hard work.

I use Winamp v5.5 and gadget version 3.9.1 by the way.

Cheers.. :)

Anonymous said...

Lyrics flyout now works like a charm for Winamp but it's now blank where artist/title details are displayed under the album art.

Thanks for the quick fixes :)

Law James said...

Can you explain that further please, i don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...


apologies for not explaining properly. Have taken a screenshot to show you what I mean.

On previous versions of the gadget the name of the song and artist/album would appear on the skin below the artwork but its just blank now.

Previous version:

Current version:

Thanks :)

Law James said...

Check in the settings, you may have accidentally enabled the "Guess That Song" game, its under the "Other Settings" section.

Anonymous said...

Yep..that did the trick.

Apologies for being a noob :)

Anonymous said...

Law James,
Yes it was with 3.91, but I'll just had the update to 3.92 and it seems OK now. Very nice improvement, adding that simple quit button makes it a lot handier.

Thx again for this gadget.

Maybe an idea for a later update:
I remember seeing on windows live that some people would have liked the possibility to change players without having to drop the gadget again.
I'm no developer and I don't know much of these things, what's possible and what's not.
But maybe it would be nice that ones there is no player open, the gadget returns to its primary state where we had to choose the player.
If that's possible, maybe it would be nicer to have the icons in the primary state all in black/wite and on mouse over they show there color, just to be better looking in the sidebar.

Well, these are just ideas.

So I already said, if you need some translations into Dutch or French for some of your gadgets feel free to contact me.


Law James said...

Thanks for the translations offer, I'll bear that in mind. If you want to change the player, if you open the settings there's a link at the bottom which returns the gadget to the original state when you click it.


Anonymous said...

A feature I'd love to see is the ability to click the bands name while playing and be directed to the wikipedia entry for them. The same with albums.
Either way you have made one great gadget.

Anonymous said...

Awesome gadget. Thanks for your hard work.

Got a question though.

How come whenever I close Mediamonkey, it shows:
Com Server Warning

-There are still active COM objects in this application. One or more clients may have references to the objects, so manually closing this application may cause those client application(s) to fail.

This also shows up when I try to shutdown the PC, and it will actually halt the entire shutdown process until I click close.

Is their anyway to get rid of this?


Law James said...

Did you actually read the update post?

"Media Monkey close button added (should fix scripting warning dialogue)"

Anonymous said...

Can you please allow disabling auto-update? I don't normally update since all the features I really use is already there. It's really annoying that I have to click ignore everytime my windows start. I don't even want it to show that an update is available. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello - great gadget. Thanks for developing it.

I noticed that when I have a front cover and a back cover imbedded in the ID3 tags that for some reason the gadget displays the back cover instead of the front.

The front cover appears correctly in Mediamonkey, and is listed in the correct order when I examine the tags in Mediamonkey.

Anyway, thought I'd letcha know.


Anonymous said...

The lyrics added to my iTunes songs have extra lines added in between, although inside the gadget they look ok
Can you somehow disable the extra CR?


Anonymous said...

Hi, i try to change skin, but it doesn't work... can you help with it? i'm using foobar 2000.

Anonymous said...

Hi fantastic gadget, where does the album art save to? The 'save art to folder' option doesn't work for me. Please help me. WMP11 was designed with album art in mind and your gadget would be perfect for saving it to the MP3 files. I'm sure others would agree. Please help!


Anonymous said...

One suggestion. When I am not running iTunes. I end up with a huge iTunes icon in my sidebar.

(a) any way you could make it a little smaller to conserve space?
(b) if I click it, it should launch itunes.

Anonymous said...

If the lyrics aren't present in the lyrics DB, can we put some to it? Where is it located?


Dionysos said...

OK, I found the answer... it's at

Anonymous said...

I may be missing something here but i'm unable to get the Now Playing gadget working with Winamp for other user accounts on my PC.

The plugin just doesn't kick in at all.

On my profile, when I load Now Playing for the first time and choose Winamp, the player will open and start working straight away but on first launch on any other profiles, it fails to open after first launch the player and whenever media is played on winamp, the gadget doesn't do anything.

I dual boot with XP and also run a modified version of Windows Sidebar on my XP partition and have the same problem there too...all works fine on my profile but not for anyone else's.

I thought that it may be a permissions issues as the other accounts are limited access but after changing both to admin, I still have the same problem.

Apologies if I have missed something here but if anyone knows the answer that would be cool.

Also, if I haven't explained things properly, will be happy to supply to screenies to demonstrate.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Something that I would like is the ability to 'lock' the fly outs. Example, when I click the Lyrics and they open next to the gadget I would like to have them stay there when I go back to work.

Great job on this though. I am still amazed at how you got this working.

Law James said...


I really wish i could do that too but unfortunately it's a limitation of the sidebar

Sean Colombo said...

If you use LyricWiki's API to fetch the lyrics, you'd get a lot more results (it's faster too).


Anonymous said...

It's a great tool, but i can't change the skin anymore and i don't know why... can you help me?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this amazing gadget. It works great with Windows 7 and Windows Media Player 12

Chief Mangani said...

anyone can share a temporary link for the gadget? seems like all links are dead :(

Chief Mangani said...

email me a copy, perhaps?