Tuesday, 15 January 2008

New NowPlaying Initial Screen

A NowPlaying user by the name of Matthiew Marks has kindly provided me with some new skins for the initial player chooser screen of NowPlaying. Please vote on which of the 5 options below that you prefer (using the poll to the right hand side of this post). The new version will include this as well as hopefully the option to save Album Art to the ID3 tags.

Edit: Poll closed, Skin 2 it is.

1.  txtskin3  2.txtskin2 

3.   txtskin4 4.   txtskin5  5. txtskin1


DyonisosV said...


They all look nice, but is all this really necessary? Don't understand me wrong, I don't want to criticize, it's only a thought. But you see this only once. Only when you use the gadget for the very first time.

Something else that would be nice (and again it is only a thought) is being able to choose the icon that is showed when the application is closed. I use it with iTunes, but unfortunately I don't like it's icon. So, if this is possible of course, it would be really nice to be able to change the icon into a chosen picture.
Or maybe, if I may let my thoughts go wild :-) , it would be awesome to integrate your "babewatcher". When the application is closed it would turn into the "babe of the day" (of course one must be able to deactivate that option).

Again, these are just some thoughts...

Thanks for the gadget, it's a really nice one.


Matthiew Marks said...

In response to dyonisosv:
The benefit of the big icons is that the gadget doesn't resize when the media player is closed (actually it still does by 2 pixels, but that's barely noticable). That means that all the gadgets below it in the sidebar don't move position. I guess it's not really necessary, but I prefer it.
As for choosing the icon showed, that would probably be quite complicated for Law James to create into his gadget. You could replace the icon yourself though easily enough.

DionysosV said...


Didn't thought about the resize problem. Seen from that point of view it is indeed a good solution.
But I'm interested in the explanation of how I can change that icon.


Law James said...

On the Misc tab in the settings panel click on "open gadget folder" then look around in there for the icon you want to change.

DionysosX said...

I found the icon-file to change. Thx.

But regarding on what Matthiew said... The iTunes icon is smaller than when the album art is loaded (when docked). I don't really care about it, but I've to agree with Matthiew it would look nicer if it wouldn't change size.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know, this excellent gadget no longer works on my SP1 installation; even after reinstalling it. Worked 100% without a hitch before, but I assume some update in the sidebar is breaking it. x64, by the way, and all other gadgets are fine.

Law James said...

You're gonna have to give me more info than "it doesn't work" that doesn't help me to fix it in any way.

Anonymous said...

I've given you all the available information. It simply will not load, and freezes the entire sidebar at full core usage until the process is terminated. None of my other gadgets (40+) do this.