Wednesday, 30 January 2008

MediaMonkey Issues/ ID3 Issues

Some more users are reporting to me that there are still problems with NowPlaying and MediaMonkey 3. I've looked into this a lot and it seems with every user the gadget is failing when it tries to connect to the MM API using the following line of code:

new ActiveXObject("SongsDB.SDBApplication")

If your MM just sits there with the monkey head doing nothing while MM3 is playing a song please comment on this post to let me know, and if possible, maybe make a post in the MM forums. I don't currently have a way to fix it though as it appears to be a sporadic problem with MediaMonkey.

ID3 + Vista 64Bit

After moving to 64Bit Windows on my main computer I've realised the DLL that Now Playing uses for ID3 support only works on 32Bit Windows. This is what was causing constant UAC prompts for users; the gadget couldn't communicate with the DLL so it assumed it wasn't installed and tried to install it every time a song played. For now, the stop this is to click on "Disable using ID3 tags" is the "Art Settings" section of the first tab of the settings.

If I have fixes/updates for either of these issues I'll post them on here so it may be a good idea to subscribe to the blog using the RSS icon on the right.

Thanks for your patience, Law

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objecttothis said...

The gadget was working fine for me and then the other day I started getting the symptoms you described in your post. I don't know what changed, because my MM install hasn't been modified that I know of.