Thursday, 6 December 2007

Regarding Eve Online SkillWatch

I've been made aware by many users that the Eve Online gadget currently does not work due to a Trinity Update. I don't currently know how this affects the API and whether it will be permanent or not, nor can i see any changes to the API on the API website or the developers forums. If anyone has any details as to what the issue is I'm all ears.

Thanks, Law


EDIT: They've now re-enabled the API so it should be working again now. Look forward to a new version of the gadget in the near future with some little tweaks.


Anonymous said...

At the moment everyone who does stuff for Eve-online is playing catch up with Trinity.
EveMon are the only one I know of to date that have patched their programme -
maybe you could get some hints from them.
Whatever - fix it, I love your gadget and rely on it...

Anonymous said...

I had error 520. I re-pasted the API key from the Eve web site and hit the Submit button in the settings tab of the gadget and it now works again :)


Anonymous said...

They have introduced new skills wich the gadget display as "Skill not found!". The timer remains correct though.

Law James said...

When Eve release the API 2.0 i will update the gadget and deal with this. Thanks for letting me know.

Jon said...

This is a really good gadget - I'm well impressed.

One thought though - have you considered hooking up (or joining in) with the developers of EVEMon? It's probably the best skill tracking tool out there and it'd be cool if your gadget read from and/or fed into that. That would save you some work in handling the new skills as well, given that those guys have already done it.


Anonymous said...

Great gadget, works with Trinity. Only issue I have is that it no loger announces Skill training Complete. Any idea on how to re-enable the sound?

HunterHH said...

I really love your gadget ...
Its great to see all Eve chars i have active at one time.
I now have V1.4 installed and somehow, after a Windows 7 (x64) re-installation it don't remembers some skills it knew before. E.g. Capital Industrial Ships.

Are you still related with EVE (i somehow doubt it :( ) and maybe know where i get the lastest Version?