Sunday, 16 December 2007

NowPlaying Gadget Ideas

I'm currently in my Christmas break from University and i should have a lot of free time coming up where i have time to work on gadgets. So if you guys have any suggestions, ideas, or features that you'd like to see implemented in NowPlaying then either comment on this post or email me here. Any features that i add i will probably make it an optional update to NowPlaying so those of you who don't like updates won't have new features forced upon you.

I'll keep this post updated with suggested features and whether i can implement them or not

P.S. Thanks to all the people who have donated since my last post about ceasing development, the donations and thanks have been very much appreciated.

Feature Ideas

  • Zune Player integration - Not possible, no form of API
  • Keeping the lyrics flyout open - Not possible, sidebar limitation
  • MiniLyrics integration - Not possible, no ActiveX Com Support
  • Next albums album art - Would use up a lot of resources and wouldn't be compatible with many players
  • Yahoo Music Jukebox support - It doesn't have any API
  • MM3 Support - Done


Unknown said...

Hi, Law.
I am using NP Gadget and I found that is great, really.
Work stable, I am using WMP, got not even one crash.
I would like to thank you for it.
One thing that I want you to change.
Can you add feature, that disable any info on however?
Thanks in advance.
If you got any questions or comments feel free to email me, I will answer in a.s.n.p

[email protected]

Anonymous said...

I love the gadget, but every time the song changes... or I do anything seemingly, it brings up a UAC window. I have pressed continue many times, but whether I press continue or cancel everything seems to work the same. The contant UAC request nag makes the gadget unusable, sadly. I would love for that to be resolved.
Gadgets shouldn't require admin privileges anyway.

Law James said...

You could try disabling ID3 tag support in the options.

Anonymous said...

Nice work man, great gadget, the only thing that bothers me is the link… that sometimes opens when I’m moving the gadget….. But, no big deal… besides I would be very pleased if you added a volume control on it… only feature I missed

Anonymous said...

sorry just found it.... Perfect!!

Anonymous said...

I have using Now Playing for a long time now -- love it, absolutely essential! Have you heard of any problems with MediaMonkey 3.0? I just upgraded from 2.5 and it seems to have stopped working. The gadget just shows the monkey head doesn't do anything. Apologies if this is answered elsewhere, I checked the readme and FAQ and didn't see anything.


Law James said...

Could you email me at [email protected]

I have a new version of NP that may fix this issue that id like you to try out.

Anonymous said...

hi Law! nowplaying started working with mm3! great!

my idea: how do u think it would be if instead of showing just now playing there would be a image of next playing album in the playlist and maybe before playing album art ... that way you could jump right to the next album from the playlist ...

i believe its a bit complicated but i hope you get the idea ...

anyways, great work!

Saša Pukšič

Anonymous said...

it works G.R.E.A.T except that doesn't show albumart or artist of the every local ones;;; can we hav something that could help in getting them too??? it would b superb!!!

Anonymous said...

If you're having problems with UAC or as I did, MediaMonkey opening in protected mode, you can set Sidebar and MM3 to always run in Admin mode.

Right Click, Properties.
Advanced/Run as Admin
Compat/Run as Admin / and for all users.

Flounder said...

Media Monkey contorls

Flounder said...

Great Gadget, any way to get it to work with media monkey the same way as wmp11.

1st time, when selecting player media mokey opens but after that all i get is the monkey looking at me!
Looking for the gadget to open player,show album art work, have player contorl, lyrics would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Cool gadget.
But I'd like support for Japanese fonts.

Anonymous said...

Nice work!
I use Yahoo Music Jukebox, any plans for your NP gadget to work with that?

Anonymous said...

been using it for WMP for a while now, its really good. but I would love VLC player support.

Saskwatch said...

How about J. River Media Center/Jukebox support. It's a great player and I would love to see it supported