Thursday, 16 August 2007

Now Playing Update - 3.7


In short, Art is much improved and so are lyrics

The details:

  • Desperate Amazon search added, if first search fails it tries removing the album name from the search. This improves art success dramatically rate for compilation albums such as "Now that's what I call music"
  • Google and desperate Amazon image searches aren't auto-saved when auto-save art is enabled as they rarely get totally accurate art
  • Google image desperate mode added. If you don't get any art with this, you have something wrong with your music tags (or your Internet connection is down).
  • Sometimes art retrieved from Google was just an image of lyrics, that domain is now blocked. Tesco was showing just back covers, they're also blocked.
  • If the first Google search result is a 404, the gadget will try the next 7 results of that search.
  • As a note, having auto-save art on will speed up track changes. If it can find art locally instead of going to Amazon every time it shows the art much quicker.
  • More details added to show the user what to do when WMP plugin is disabled automatically
  • Auto-Save lyrics function added. Only will be used for this 
  • Lyrdb lyrics service added as a fallback if the first service doesn't find results
  • Tag added to bottom of lyrics window specifying where the lyrics came from
  • Opacity of icons decreased when player isn't open
  • Changed small itunes icon


Anonymous said...

Thank you, great gadget!

Ruy said...

Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ansel said...

Thank you for the great Gadget. Wish I could find one that works this well for the Google Sidebar I use on my work computer.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, thanks for the update

Anonymous said...

Great gadget, i love all the functions.
My only suggestion is that the gadget stays the same size whether a media player is open or closed, because it moves the rest of my sidebar gadgets (sorry if i have missed this option).
Again, many thanks

Poom said...

I really love this gadget. One thing though, can you add a "disable update notice" or something alone that line?

Anonymous said...

Er... why've you disabled auto-save? I could remove any art if it's wrong myself - at the mo I can't save any downloaded art whatsoever! You just ruined the one thing I loved about your gadget(?).

Am I missing something?

Law James said...

Yes, you're missing one tiny little thing, i didn't disable it.

Carlos said...

Hi I have a problem well the link of in the gadget to open itunes doesn't work
i am using windows vista ultimate 64 bit and if you have more quiestions ask me

Anonymous said...

3.7 wont open wmp when i click the icon now. nothing happens. everything else works though.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or does the album art not always save?

JB said...

Have just donated to this gadget, def the best and the one I use most.

The only prob I have is, when I do not have the artwork in iTunes and the gadget finds it, it doesn't seem to save this (even tough I have auto-save on). Can anyone help?

lukbut_1 said...

how can you export artwork that this gadget downloads to the mp3 file so it will show up in iTunes whenever I play it, even if the gadget is not running?