Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Volume Control Gadget Recommendation

Here's another recommendation for you guys, a little gadget called "Volume Control". It's simple a gadget for allowing you to control the volume, view an equalizer type visual, and mute too. It does exactly what it says on the tin and does it very well with nice visuals too and two skins in the most recent version. It's quite surprising something like this hasn't been made before really as it's quite a simple concept and does exactly what a gadget should do, it's probably down to the fact it's so difficult to actually access any API for volume controls.

Personally I think with the visualiser feature it makes a great addition to the Now Playing gadget so I personally recommend you download it.

To control it: Double click to open the volume mixer, middle click to mute, and use your scroll wheel to change volume


Get it here


Unknown said...

shame it do work on xp with vaio may be it will when vaio get updated end of the month

Unknown said...

The windows gallery seems to have taken this gadget away. Anyway i can still get it?

Anonymous said...

This is the best volume gadget out there please get it back up or host it some where else please i hate not having after having to reinstall

Unknown said...

Ya it's not on the live gallery anymore, I would really like to get this again, I had it before I formatted and it worked great!

Anonymous said...

You can get a better/more enhanced version of this gadget at:

Paddy said...

better and enhanced but no longer has the EQ??