Thursday, 19 July 2007

Now Playing Update - 3.3


  • New: Video support WITHIN the gadget! Awesomeness!
  • New: Tooltip shows where art was obtained from
  • Fixed: White rectangle issue

Video should stay fairly in sync, if it goes out of sync, pause WMP long enough so that the video stops, and then press play again, this should re-sync it. The first 2.1 second may be a little jumpy as the video sync up with WMP. All the controls control WMP, not the video in NowPlaying - it may take up to 5 seconds for the video to respond to any changes. It's possible to reduce these delays but that unfortunately means increasing CPU usage. All buttons are hidden behind the video, making them visible makes the video jumpy


  • If you change video position manually in WMP, you'll have to refresh the gadget by pausing/unpausing
  • Double click to maximize video
  • Open up the gadget loads of times for a cool video wall

P.S. Please keep donating if you like the gadget :)

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Anonymous said...

Great work! Video integration is something I'd waited for a very long time :D

Anonymous said...

this update kill my progs

Anonymous said...

YAY! Thanks for adding the video feature!

Eric Falsken said...

Wonderful gadget, great features. The video feature kills it for me. It starts playing from the beginning in a new process, meaning that i now have my video playing twice. I wish there was a way to disable the video function but keep the album art and other functionality. I love it. Great work.

Anonymous said...

this is just getting better and better!

AjuMatt said...

WOW~ I love it! Thanks for your work. What's next?

Unknown said...

kick a$$! i've tried similar gadgets, and this by far is the best one, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Excelent gadget, but I must say that manual update is quite anoying.

Law James said...

Would you prefer no updates at all? As that would be much easier on my part, to just ditch this and run.

Unknown said...

I'd much rather you come down to my house and update my gadget for me. May as well do my laundry while you're here. :)

Sheesh, some people.

I don't get video in my gadget, I get the visualizer... even when playing video media. I actually prefer this anyway considering that video playback is a few seconds behind actual playback. This brings up an interesting feature possibility... audio visualization in place of album art in the gadget. :)

Great work. I would like to echo Mr. Falsken's request to have a disable video switch.

Law James said...

Interesting, sounds like the gadget can't find the correct video codec so it's only display audio and not video. If video playback is a bit behind your computer may not be high spec enough to have the video running twice. Theres a disable option in the next version.