Thursday, 19 July 2007

Gadget Creation Programs

It seems coding isn't the only way to create Vista Sidebar Gadgets these days, there are several programs out there that allow you to create Vista Sidebar Gadgets with absolutely no coding experience. A new program called Gadget Builder is one of the most advanced ones, it contains several templates including sideshows and search gadgets which allow you to enter your own sources, details, and images and then output a complete Vista Sidebar Gadget .gadget file.


Another option is Amnesty Generator. This program allows you to take many types of HTML "widgets" such as the Google web widgets and put them into a Vista Sidebar Gadget wrapper. So for example if you like a Google clock "widget", you would just enter the URL into this program, enter some details like it's name, and then it would produce a  Vista Sidebar Gadget .gadget file that can be distributed or placed on your Vista Sidebar.



Koen said...

I'm a bit confused. Are we talking about the Windows Vista sidebar?

Law James said...

Sorry that was quite confusing actually, i've updated it a bit. Both programs output Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets.