Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Eve Online SkillWatch

Here's yet another gadget I've been working on, one for Eve Online. It displays basic player stats such as name, money, and bloodline as well as having a skill timer that counts down till when your skill is complete and alerts you with a sound. Once you enter your user ID and Limited API key into the settings page it gives you a list of characters to choose from. If you want to monitor multiple characters just open the gadget a few more times. As well as this there's also 3 customisable links that appear on the flyout for things like your kill boards or stats page.  If you're an Eve Online player and you have Vista you should definitely give it a try.  


eve sc1 eve sc2

Special thanks to (Eve name) Dondo Yonderboy for helping me to create this and the very welcome donations.


Unknown said...

OMGF AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i fucking love this

Anonymous said...

Great gadget, absolutely love it. Works great except my portrait doesn't show.

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice, altough an option to not have the text of a long skill rotate would be nice.

Anonymous said...

good but could do with a manual update option, an option to turn the sound off, and an update 10 minutes after a skill completes to pick up the new skill.

Bring on version 1.2!!! :)

Law James said...

Double click the gadget to manually update it

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a nice add in.

And now we pray.

Our missles, who art in launchers
Hallowed be thy payload
Thy warhead come
Our enemies be done
In low security
As it is in Empire
Give us this target lock
sans defenders
And forgive us our ruthless pwnge
But we never forgive those that
attempt to pwn us
And lead us not into bubbles,
But deliver us from jamming
For thine is the thermal,
The explosive,
And the kinetic

Forest King said...

Hi James,

Just sent you a little donation for this gadget. Enjoying it and hope you continue to develop it. Was wondering if you could explain how to update the portrait?


Law James said...

Thanks. It should "just work" but if not try posting in the forums here http://myeve.eve-online.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=561882&page=2

I don't know much about Eve Online personally so can't really help you there

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

Nice Gadget but I noticed 2 things:

- Saves doesn't apply. I need to configure again when I launched Windows/sidebar.
- I can't move the gadget (both docked or undocked state).

Anyways, thanks for this, it is very usefull !

Anonymous said...

Just found this today, loving it as I get back into EVE. Are there any plans to have more char stats and ISK?

Anonymous said...

This gadget rocks! The only problem is I have 2 eve accounts and I cannot get the portrait of my second character to show because I created a different directory so I can run both accounts at the same time. An option to change the directory would be nice. Thank you for creating this gadget.

Anonymous said...

Great one! Damn F+cking great!!! I love you Buddy!

Anonymous said...

Nice lil thing. Intalled and using it.

Feature suggestionn:
As Anonymous mentioned earlier a option to stop the anoying skill scroll would be awsome.

Paul Fijma said...

Great gadget... keeps me informed all the time.
If i may suggest a improvement: display the calculated date the skill is finished. (now i need to calculate everytime how late it is finished)

Anonymous said...

Great gadget, props for making it. Could you consider 2 additions that would make it even better?

As the commenter above said, a calculation of when the skill will finish rather than just a timer countdown.

And also, a server up/down indicator and a player count maybe?

Anonymous said...

Experiencing a strange problem. I have this on 2 of my machines for the same character. On one machine the skill is listed correctly "Focus III", on the other machine the skill is listed as 'Skill not found III". Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

Amazing mod i love it, but are you planing updating it to trinity ? Its not working anymore ;(

Anonymous said...

Love the plug in.
But now with TRINITY it is broken.

Hope there is a update or fix.

Anonymous said...

Amazing mod, i love it. I just hope it will be updated for trinity. It would be shame to lose it ;(

Spader Ess said...

Since the Trinity upgrade, your eminent tool seems to have stopped working.....

Anonymous said...

This invaluable tool has stopped working since Trinity has been released :(

I miss it loads ALREADY!!!

A fix would be greatly appreciated by all us non-programmers :)

Love ur work.

Anonymous said...

great gadget. Needs two thingsimho:
One very simple would be an option to scroll or not scroll the skill name.
The other, not so simple would be to have an expected date for the end of current skill.
Has for instance, now how the program is, it says "5d 12h 35m remaining." Nothing more.
Imagine you are at 1am on the 15th January, would be great to have an option that would say "ETA for skill: 20th January 13h35m"
Would save some math, and it doesnt look like something too hard to program :)

Thank you again for a great app
Daniel - Portugal

Law James said...

I think both ideas are already in the next release which will hopefully be released in 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Great gadget, thank you!

Not sure if it's an issue but I'm currently training the Drone skill "Drone Durability" and although the timer and LvL seem correct the skill name says "Skill not found".

Looking forward to the next version of this gadget.

Ricardo Carrasquillo said...

Er... Looks awesome but it's broken :(

Law James said...

The EVE API is down again for upgrades as usual. The gadget isn't broken and they API will be back up soon.

Anonymous said...

I dont know why but I cant change the skin. It is always using skin number 7 no matter which skin I select. Double clicking the widget just opens the big info window and doesnt refresh the widget to use the skin I selected. Also it would be nice if a portrait would be displayed in the little widget and not only in the big info window. Besides that awesome widget, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Could we have support for multiple characters ?

Anonymous said...

hey there,

this is really a great app.. thanks a lot for this little gadget.

"multiple characters" add an other app to the sidebar where you can add the other char ;D... this works really good.

i have one question.

can you switch the ISK display with the end Date for the skill ?

that would be much clearer

i think the ISK konto is not the first prio in that small tool.

better for a quick watch on the sidebar...

thanks again for this great gadget...

greetings from germany


Anonymous said...

Seems to be broken again with the latest Acro patch ;O(

Please work your magic and fix so that we can use your lovely component again and I'll donate ;O)

Anonymous said...

Has this just been updated in the last few days? The source page of the update looks a bit 'hacker-like' so I'm not going to install, much as I liked this gadget.

Please confirm whether the update is legit, or some form of login capture....

...or perhaps I'm too paranoid :)

Law James said...

Sorry about that, I'd be paranoid if I saw that too. The page has been changed now and yes the update is legitimate, it just adds some new skills.

Unknown said...

Just installed this hoping for awesomeness as everyone has posted b4. Seems its a bit out of date though or my vista install is broken. the initial window says Authentication failure !Error! 203.

It does find my char with the api as i can see my char portrait when clicked, but nothing else (all 'unknown')

Please let me know if there is a newer/better version out there.

Anonymous said...

A quick suggestion

Since you are so good at this type of thing how about a server status gadget, or adding a server status ability to the gadget.

Anyway keep up the good work it is appreciated

Anonymous said...

Version 2.0 is now live at the gadget's new home of http://skillwatch.net