Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Clock

Here's an original one for you, a clock! "The Clock" is one of the most popular Google Desktop gadgets, it displays Time, Date, Day, Month and Year. It also has two skins. I liked it a lot so I converted it into a Vista Sidebar Gadget. The original was made by Kamal.

The process of doing this was actually surprisingly easy, but some of the creation methods are vastly different so the conversion process can be laborious, mainly converting the display code to html tags as the Google sidebar uses a lot of non-html stuff


c4d9eb5f-c7a0-4727-8e7b-0a2bf80e1c6dsnip 4347d390-f132-4477-8548-a0af3843d4e9snip


Anonymous said...

it's to big to be docked - intentional?

Law James said...

Yep, I just wanted to replicate the original exactly.

Anonymous said...

nice... but I dont like the fact its too big to be docked.

also I noticed in the gadget folder that there is a settings.html file, yet no little spanner button to take you to it, how come?