Saturday, 30 June 2007

Now Playing Update - 3.2.8

  • New: Menu system for docked layout - check it out
  • New: Double click lyrics to highlight/copy them - this is quite cool if you want a bit of a lyric in your Live Messenger name for example
  • New: Two new skins
  • New: There's now a button in the MISC page in the settings to open the nowplaying.gadget folder, if you want to change anything like a CSS sheet or a background you can do it here. Note: This will get wiped after every update to backup the individual files if you change them.
  • Change: Lyrics now auto update when flyout is still open

I was hoping to test this for a little longer incase I may have broken anything with these updates but I'll be away on holiday in Austria for a week so I thought I'd get this update out before I go away.

Btw things such as keeping the flyout constantly open (for the lyrics for example) or dragging the gadget around when it's open aren't possible, this is a limitation of the Sidebar.

Got any issues or suggestions? Drop me an email


Anonymous said...

great gadget!!!

in undocked mode would be nice, if the lyrics do not disappear. or an option, would let the user decide

Judge Zetsumei said...

Thanks again for the constant updates. Best gadget by far :)

James Greenhalgh said...

Oof I'm impressed, have a /hug from me. Two out of four on my wishlist and the other two you can't do because of limitations... I feel so spoiled :-D

I have nothing to say beyond thankyou this time.

David Hardwick said...

Well done.

Lyrics now seam to be correct. Probably the main source incorrect, (what is that by the way? as it pick up all my songs which is impressive)

Still would like to change the background of the lyrics but that's me being picky.

p.s any beta testing available?

Lawrence James said...

David, the lyrics come from LYRDB, it has quite a few songs but not all so if they are incorrect it probably doesnt have the correct ones. There is a button on the misc page to open the gadget folder that i put in just for you. Change any images in there you want. Youll have to restart the sidebar for them to take effect. If you want to test stuff before i release it drop me an email and ill add you on MSN - thatd be really helpful.

Vash said...

This gadget was good when it worked... After 3.2.7 it no longer reads any player I have installed. Please fix this :(

Vash said...

btw i'm using Vista 32

clydeli said...

This gadget is really great~ but I've got some problems after 3.2.7, an Anonymous one's comment in 3.2.7

"Sadly after I've downloaded and installed the latest version, I found a white rectangle with nothing else appearing in my sidebar."

Anonymous said...

Is there some way to prevent from showing up when I just want to move the gadget around or click it to give it input focus? I actually already _own_ the music I play.

I'm not complaining mind, it's just a bit ridiculous that I would want to buy a CD that's about two metres from my desk.

Victor said...

I have to say this is really a good gadget. But I have a problem in installing it. Since the update of 3.2.7, this gadget becomes a small white block on my sidebar. I thought it was a bug in 3.2.7, but after updating to 3.2.8, it is still a small white block on my sidebar. I have no idea about how to fix the problem. I love this gadget, so does anyone have any idea about this problem? Thank you so much.

David Hardwick said...

Ok, but when I open the gadget folder it opens my documents though so I'm a little confused. add me at inowhour[at] and we can talk there.

Lawrence James said...

Anonymous: The Amazon link is the only way of making money some from this gadget, even though its only a few dollars a month I'd like to keep it. I'm sorry if it inconveniences you, I understand it must be so annoying when people make something free to everybody and want to try and make some money from the hours they've spent working on their product.

People with the white rectangle issue: Like before I need you to email me or I can't fix this - really - it wont be fixed - its not a threat - just email me :|

Juice said...

Once again great gadget...however, when i click on the link for lyrics, it says it can't connect. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Lawrence James said...

Juice, the LYRDB database is down for a while so that's why it can't connect.

Juice said...

That sux, thanx for the quick response though. Can't wait for it to be back online. The lyrics feature is an excellent idea that i can't wait to try.