Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Now Playing Update - 3.2.7


  • New: Lyrics viewer for current track - Click the L button
  • New: Skin 21 - Jewel case
  • New: Special characters in track details now supported such as ampersands or slashes - may also work with Unicode
  • New: When WMP is open but no song is playing, click gadget to open playlist list, click a playlist to play it.


Got any issues or suggestions? Drop me an email


Anonymous said...

good job dude.

crashes sometimes with vista64 -> but i think thats winamps fault.

still -> i appreciate this little sqaure making the sidebar useful.

Andrew said...

Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for for my sidebar. Amazing job!

Anonymous said...


I'd like to say you have been making terrific gadgets and your work is appreciated. However, I've ran into a problem here.

I've been using this gadget for a while and it has served it's purpose well.

Sadly after I've downloaded and installed the latest version, I found a white rectangle with nothing else appearing in my sidebar.

I hope this will be fixed, or the way to fix this will be provided.


Lawrence James said...

"Anonymous" If you email me I can get this sorted - otherwise not much i can do im afraid.

Anonymous said...

mm i cannot open itunes with the link it has.. also it does not show the song playing in WMP using vista 64

Lawrence James said...

The same goes to you, if you post using "anonymous" your issues will NEVER get fixed :S

piki said...

good work i like your gadet

Anonymous said...

You brought back my favorite skin, thank you! This one actually looks better. Did you find someone else to create one, or did the original author change his mind? Regardless of how you did it, thanks a lot! I'm a big fan of your gadget and I'm glad this skin is available once more.

Lawrence James said...

Interestingly that's actually a totally different skin, the one you're thinking of is "case 2005", this one is from CAD and made by Carlos.

mustafa said...

Sometimes this gadget would show up with a black screen on my sidebar..why is that?

David said...

Sorry for my English I'm French Guy.
Yor widget is really cool but i'm a real problem with Itune. when i close Itune, it open again just after many time when you widget is again open. that's normal? When your widget is closed there are no problem.

And second question. In this update we can't to change the player now?


David said...

Sorry I don't see correctly. There are the option for to change the player. Before it was in settings option right?

now it is in misc option.


David said...

Sorry it's again me. The widget doesn't work with wmp...
Error check the plungin

My mail adress. [email protected] if you want

David Hardwick said...

Love the Gadget.

Slight problem with the lyrics not showing up for the right song, needs a look at.

But getting better every version.

David Hardwick said...

P.s is there a way to change the lyric background? as I would prefer a transparent one like the recent album thing.

Anonymous said...

something went wrong with foobar. it can't open foobar ( ). When you click manually, then the foobar program, keep open.

but everything was great with WMP 11

nice gadget :)

Anonymous said...

Love this gadget, been using it for about 4 months and it seems to just keep getting better with each release.

The new lyrics feature is great, but if you'll permit me I'd like to make a small wishlist of improvements.

1. Highlight/copy lyrics - no good reason really, would just be nice.
2. Lyrics pane not lost when focus is lost.
3. Keep the gadget movable when the panes are out.
4. Not sure if it does it already, but automatically look up lyrics in the background when a new song is played.

They would be my only small complaints in what is a very useful gadget.
James Greenhalgh

Gene said...

awesome gadget, man :D Thanks for supporting foobar2k

Moomin said...

Hi I just ran an "a-squared" trojan scan on my system and this gadget came up as a trojan! The name was "" and it was located at the Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\nowplaying[1].gadget\plugins\Unpack WMP Plugins.exe" Now I am sure that this is some kind of mistake and is more than likely a problem with A Squared rather than this gadget (which is excerllent by the way!). Hope it can be sorted soon. Cheers, Paul

Lawrence James said...

Moomim, if you have WinRAR you can extra the archive yourself and you'll see there's just a plug-in DLL inside that exe, when the exe is run it registers the DLL. Also, all files that go on the Live Gallery are virus free as Microsoft checks them. Ontop of this, if you google the trojan name, several other people are getting false positives with WINRAR archives.

Moomin said...

Okay I am glad that it's a problem with my trojan scanner! I've also been thinking about suggestions for improvemnts. Being able to rate songs while in the normal layout would be really cool.

Also one thing that would really help is making it so that the keyboard keys "play" "back" "next and "pause" work with the gadget. At the moement with the latest version of itunes I can only use those commands when I have the player in focus (although I guess this is really a problem with itunes not the gadget).

Thanks again for all you great work, I love it!

Lawrence James said...

That's actually a keyboard issue, I'd suggest you see if there's any drivers you can get for your keyboard. For example all logitech keyboards have software that'll let iTunes or WMP be controlled when they're not in the foreground.

3stan said...

Great gadget, always been a fan, continue the updates

Anonymous said...

Hey, love this gadget, but the updates are ANNOYING.
* When an update becomes available now, the gadget disappears from my sidebar. Only when I re-add it do I get the upgrade message.
* Clicking the "Click to download" link never works and throws an error before sending me to the site where I have to manually download the new version.
* After I upgrade the gadget, I have essentially had to re-add it to the sidebar, so I have to specify the player again, reset its position and opacity.
* I have never experienced any problems with the gadget, so I would prefer to be able to either (a) specify how often it searches for updates (once a month would be quite sufficient) or (b) completely disable update checking.