Saturday, 16 June 2007

Now Playing Update - 3.2.3

Download it here

Here's a list of changes:

  • Fix: After the sidebar has been restarted the gadget shrinks to about 10x30 size - also any other similar occurrences of this
  • Feature: On the covers fly out, if you click a cover you can see it full size, then click to return back to the covers
  • Fix: When new covers are added to the covers fly out they cycle through, so after you play 10 songs it doesn't clear all the covers, it just replaces the oldest cover with the cover from the 10th song.
  • Fix: With audioscrobbler cd art was re-downloaded every 25 seconds, now it waits till the next track
  • Fix: After ignoring an update, in big mode, after clicking line 2 the gadget would close.
  • Possible Fix: Comma/decimal localisation issues when setting docked zoom level
  • Fix: Half height issues where persistent settings file was deleted
  • Fix: Zooming code required restart of gadget to work

If you are having issues with the gadget not recognising your player, like you just get a black rectangle. Try deleting this file:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\NowPlayingPersistentSettings.txt

Still to do:

  • Make custom buttons for: shuffle, playlist, covers
  • Look into a bit more foobar support

Javascript errors are enabled on this version, so if you do get any script errors that give a line number please let me know.

If you still have any issues with this release email me, I've had a lot of interesting feedback since the last update which has helped fix a few things i was totally unaware of and the suggestions are very welcome so thanks to all the feedback


Anonymous said...

not support wmp any more? When wmp is playing, it doesn't work.

Law James said...

It should be compatible - that's the main player I test with. If you're having issues drop me an e-mail

Chris said...

I ran into an issue with winamp...
The gadget calls loads wmp fine but when I press play on the gadget winamp closes and reopens...

Pressing play on winamp will start to play the song but pause or play on the gadget causes winamp to restart... next/previous work fine.

Going back to 3.5.2 for now...

Environmental details if it helps
Winamp version Pro v5.35
OS: Windows Vista
Proc: 2.0 Ghz Dual intel
Platform: Toshiba

Anything else I can provide that would help get the best media gadget working again I would be happy to provide...

Thanks for a great gadget...

Ron Logsdon said...

Here is a suggestion for further developments. For the the text only mode, have the play, pause, next, previous buttons available. I like the small mode and stuff, but I do not like the album art.

Law James said...

Chris - Err oops, I was testing a close button for Winamp and forgot I had set the play/pause to restart winamp - That was more of an undisclosed feature than a bug :P

Ron - There's not enough room for that with the text i don't think? I've been trying to keep text-only as basic as possible to keep resource usage low.

Anonymous said...

ahm in the new one?? the version 4.0....the winamp is not says downloading plugins but my antivirus detect it...and even if i turn off my norton..still wont download plugins....can you resolve the problem plz^_^...anyways its gud player in itunes except that sometimes when the song ends, the album art wont change and the title and anything else in txt wont change either.....^_^...thats ol the probs i encounteredXD....^_^..plz tell me the procedure i should do if i did something wrong...