Friday, 15 June 2007

Now Playing Update - 3.2

Download here

Here's a list of changes:

  • Feature: Updating is now optional - you can ignore an update for 3 hours
  • Feature: Readability of text in the sidebar layout is greatly improved, Danny Vargas did all the code for that.
  • Improved: Album art finding on your machine is now much improved, it will now search for any image files in the current music files location as well as in a folder you specify. Again Danny Vargas did all the code for that. Currently it goes:
                  • Check for WMP saved art
                  • Check iTunes for current art
                  • Check for another type of WMP art
                  • Check for folder.jpg
                  • Check for any image file in music location
                  • Check for any image file in music subfolder
                  • Check Amazon
                  • Check Google
                  • God help you if there's still no art!
  • Improved: Settings pages is a bit clearer - changed the layout option
  • Fixed: After changing the settings the gadget would sometimes die

Still to fix:

  • After the sidebar has been restarted the gadget shrinks to about 10x30 size, as a workaround open and close the settings page
  • Some people can't use the gadget with WMP. If this is the case email me. I can't work out what the issue is I need a bit more info :)
  • Make custom shuffle, playlist, covers buttons
  • Look into a bit more foobar support

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