Sunday, 10 June 2007

Now Playing Update - 3.0.5

Another smallish update has been made to the gadget after i received a few suggestions. People didn't seem to like it when the gadget displayed "Notice: Open player" as it's a bit ugly so now instead you just get the icon of the media player which also takes up less space. To open your player just click on the icon.

You should get this update automatically but if you haven't - go into the settings and click "Check Now" at the bottom.


Anonymous said...

Great work Law!! I love it!!

It would be great if man could close player throw Now Playing widget.

Anyways ... works perfect!!

Law James said...

Excellent idea! That'd sort the issue of the gadget re-opening winamp after you close it and the same with iTunes. I'll put it in the next release along with some other things. Thanks.