Thursday, 28 June 2007

Now Playing Lyrics

Some people have been emailing me to say the new feature in Now Playing that lets you view lyrics for the current song is quite inaccurate and often doesn't have the correct lyrics for the song.

The system is using the database as as basically this is the first site I found with a real API. If anyone knows of a better lyrics website that has an API I can use I want to know about it!



Anonymous said...

i use to get lyrics for the songs i like. i dunno about the whole api thing dunno what that is but the site has some pretty accurate lyrics, although sometimes a word or two might be off, but show me a site that has lyrics for every song perfect.

Anonymous said...

i say that i'm quite happy with the lyrics that i get, though not 100% accurate and not completely comprehensive for all music.

although it may forever to play 10k songs to get the lyrics to each of them, this is a lot better process than me going out and copying and pasting endlessly. thanks for the gadget!

however, i'm finding that the gadget seems to no longer work with the recently-updated itunes Now Playing recognizes that itunes is open, but it doesn't recognize that music is playing.