Friday, 22 June 2007

The Hobby Lounge

TheHobbyLounge is a great Vista Sidebar gadget forum I stumbled upon the other day, in fact I believe it is the ONLY vista sidebar gadget forum. It's got a large community of over 10,000 members and is the home to some very good gadgets that I use such as "Simple Date", the hobby lounge gadget, and the various CPU and memory usage meters.

My favorite gadget from there is Simple Date which is actually - not very simple. It is very configurable with options ranging from text size to skins and colours used. This gadget made by ucfknight10 shows the date, time, day, calendar, weather, and any upcoming events in the sidebar - it shows more detail then a clock, calendar, and weather gadget put together making it a great space saver

As I browse the forums a lot this is another good gadget they make appropriately named The Hobby Lounge. It shows all the recent posts either on your sidebar or in a larger mode on your desktop and has links to different parts of the forum. Another handy feature is also the ability to notify you of PM's. I was also thinking, seeing as the groundwork has already been done, this would be a great gadget to adapt to be compatible with other forums whereby the user could select the forum type and enter the recent post feed URL to view all the new posts.

On another note SFKilla's Multi Meter gadget has now surpassed a massive one million downloads! So a very well done to him. Now I just need to work out how to get Now Playing adopted by that many people...

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