Thursday, 14 June 2007

Drive Info - memory leak fix


Drive Info is a very nice gadget made by Kris Thompson, it's been on the gallery since before Vista was released and has racked up a massive 164 thousand downloads. Yet the author has never updated it or fixed the memory leak/cpu issue.

Basically what was happening, every 5 seconds the gadget would update, but it would create a second refresh timer. So after a minute of usage it would have update 105 times, after 2 minutes 390 times, and it was exponentially increasing.

So all I did was just replace the timeout code with the refresh code I use in all my gadgets so the timer is cleared before it is created - no memory leaks. Hopefully this should make the gadget usable now

Download it

Original DriveInfo


Anonymous said...

Cool thanks, had problems with the original after a day or two it starts eating away at one core on my cpu and the ram is several hundred mb... Hopefully this fixes it.

Unknown said...

Excellent stuff, thanks very much! I was getting really annoyed with the original app - it was running to 500MB RAM at times, depending on how long I left my machine running for.


Anonymous said...

Your Driveinfo fix is great. I thought something was wrong with Rick's Windows Sidebar for XP until I started noticing it maintained fine RAM and CPU usage with the Driveinfo gadget absent. It was my favourite gadget until I found it produced that showstopping issue. I thought it was hopeless, but I then stumbled upon your fixed version. Works like a charm!

Anonymous said...

hey how come i cant install it? i download it and try to install it but nothing happens :/

Anonymous said...

i got the same problem ... installed but nothing happends... its neither in my gadgets list.

D3monh3art said...

can you please repost the fixed driveinfo gadget i cannot download it. thank you !