Thursday, 31 May 2007

Zune Vista Sidebar Gadget


Zune Player GadgetIf you’re one of the millions of people with a Zune (or even if you’re not) then you’re going to love this… Essentially this gadget works as a media player in the sidebar, but it’s different to all the others in that it looks and behaves just like the Zune.

Just like the Zune you can browse through songs and albums, all the buttons on the gadget work as they would on the real thing. It will also utilise any album art you have already set up in Windows Media Player, which is rather smart.

The gadget offers a decent set of options too. You can change the background of the gadget, the colour of the Zune (restricted to three colours at the moment - and no pink for the ladies). You can also change the reaction time for the hover-over scroll wheels, and list all the keybord shortcuts too.

I think this is a fantastic release personally! Even if you don’t have a Zune, this gadget offers a comprehensive and solid media playback option for the Vista sidebar - so go and grab it now!

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