Thursday, 31 May 2007

Windows Live Gallery: Interview with Chris Butler


Windows Live Gallery is the "one stop shop" for gadgets and add-ins for Windows and Windows Live. The site has recently upgraded with a new look and some new content, and we talked to Lead Program Manager Chris Butler about Gallery, about the changes, and about some new features coming for Gallery.


00:00 Chris describes Windows Live Gallery
01:22 Messenger content is now on Gallery
02:40 Partner tiers
04:44 What to do now to get into the Silver tier
06:00 The Nielson numbers
09:07 Lowering the bar so anyone can create Gallery items
11:00 How to get developer information on Gallery

While all the details of the new partner tiers have not been completed, Chris says there are four basic tiers:

Gold - for premium partners - for those with some kind of business arrangement with Microsoft

Silver - for those who are making a great contribution to the community, providing great content

Regular - for occasional contributors

Microsoft - a special category for Microsoft content - so that MS content is easily identifiable.

In addition to visual differentiation, the partner tiers will allow for special programmatic access to add, edit, and update content.

We should be hearing more about partner tiers in the "next weeks and months"

Windows Live Gallery

Windows Live Gallery DevCenter

LiveSide with Chris Butler - Windows Live Gallery 11 minutes, 10mb .mp3

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