Thursday, 31 May 2007

Guess that song

Version: 1.0
This new gadget was purely intended to be a bit of fun, similar to the game on ipods, it takes a song at random from your music library and you have to then guess which song is playing by clicking on one of the three options.

I thought this was quite a popular game on the ipod (well I enjoyed it) but it seems to be getting some pretty poor feedback on the gallery so maybe you guys could advise me on how to improve?




Unknown said...

I really like it but it's got a couple of big gotchas.

1) I'd like to be able to stop/pause it without having to kill the gadget. (Sometimes someone walks in the room)

2) When you guess the wrong song, it should tell you the right one in case you want to go hear the whole thing.

That's enough to make it fabulous for me.

Law James said...

Okay, i've had quite a few people recommend pausing so i'll see if i can get this in an update by the end of next week.