Thursday, 22 February 2007

Battlefield 2 Summary

Version: 1.4.1
This gadget is for the game "Battlefield 2" It will display the main details from your player summary

such as; kills, rank, points, time spent etc. It also displays your rank image on the sidebar.

To work it requires that you have a Battlefield 2 account and can access your statistics on the BF2S website here.



  • More themes
  • Bug fixes

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Andy said...

Hi, this is a request, hope that's ok ? Is there any chance of you creating a gadget that will allow a BF2 player to track a particular BF2 game server ?

Law James said...


I'm afraid I can't create new gadgets for free as i don't have the time these days.

Anonymous said...


I also would like to issue a request for a gadget that tracks a particular server. Seems to me that it will be sufficient to get the server-data from the EA accountserver and display it in the sidebar. Too bad i'm not a developer...

Anonymous said...

I also want that gadget for server =P
So get time to create one hehe