Thursday, 22 February 2007

Azureus Stats Sidebar Gadget

Version: 2.6
This is currently a simple gadget to show Azureus's current total Download and Upload speed in the sidebar. It uses the HTML Web UI plug-in to get its details. Azureus is the popular Java based Bit torrent client. It supports username and password as well as a configurable refresh rate. In the fly out it has the top 15 torrents being downloaded and their % complete as well as speed.


  • Flyout now auto resizes to amount of torrents
  • Links for stop all and start all torrents
  • Torrent names now link to more detailed page
  • Changed layout of sidebar
  • Added download and upload limits
  • Added tooltips to display full torrent name and torrent speed
  • Added tooltips to links
  • Changed colour of hyperlinks
  • Added better error correction

Download Azureus
Download the HTML Web UI plug-in

Download the full gadget

Download the basic gadget

There's now a basic version of this without the flyout so therefore uses less CPU.


Anonymous said...

i love this gadget, but have a simple suggestion.

Make a double click of the gadget open the webgui address in the settings.

Anonymous said...

hey great gadget

However it does not work if you put special chars in the pass, E.G. @.

Unknown said...

nao consigo configurar...????